Virus-deriving new material capable of fighting cancer discovered

A new material that can stabilize the function of protein that suppresses cancer has been discovered. The study was conducted through an international joint study by a research team led by Dr. Kim Myung-hee, Korea Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB), and Prof. Jung Jae-Ung, University of Southern California. The study was first published online in ‘Nature Structural and Molecular Biology’ (IF=13.7), the world’s most prestigious journal in structural biology.

Generally, cancer treatment is conducted through the secretion of a cancer-suppressing protein called p53, and the cancer-fighting effect can be maximized when the function of this protein is sustained for a prolonged period of time. p53 is regulated by HAUSP, a peptide that suppresses protein resolution, and MDM2, a peptide that induces protein resolution. The core task in this field of research is the development of a material that can properly control these two peptides.

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