Korean Register of Shipping and ECN sign MoU

In October 2011, Korean Register of Shipping (KR) and the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) signed an MoU. KR and ECN agreed that ECN will help this certification authority with the certification of new types of offshore wind turbines. Nine Korean chaebols are each developing their own turbine.

Korean companies like Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai and Doosan all foresee a flourishing  market for offshore wind energy. The Korean government wants to put 2500MW of  in Korean waters. It will start with a 100MW park, in which all available types of wind turbines will be tested. The companies which will perform the best will be allowed to build the second windmill park of 400MW. The best windmills of this park will be used for the remaining 2000MW of Korean wind power.

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