Solar energy generated on water surface

A solar power generation facility that can generate solar energy from a tranquil water surface has been unveiled. 

The Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-Water) said it had recently held a “commemorative ceremony for the launch of water surface energy generation” at Hapcheon Dam in Hapcheon County, South Gyeongsang Province, and had started the operation of the world’s first facility for generating pollution-free electricity using dams and lakes. The solar power generation facility at Hapcheon Dam has an output of 100 kW, enough for 30 households for a year.

K-Water plans to develop solar power development projects, amounting to 1,800MW, in phases at 31 dams nationwide by 2022. They will have a combined output of electricity that will cover the consumption of 560,000 households. They will effectively cut 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide and bring about import substitution amounting to 3.95 million barrels of crude oil every year. 

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