Korea’s Government Integrated Data Center sets a new benchmark on e-Government IT

The number of smartphone users in Korea has now surpassed 20 million. It means 4 out of 10 Koreans are using smartphones. Interactive communication has become a crucial feature of the smart era. At the heart of the trend, there is the cloud computing service. The government judged that it is important for them to keep pace with the public and the current trends in services, and so it decided to introduce a new paradigm, ICT based government service. The idea is to present smart e-government services through the Government Cloud Computing Service (G Cloud).

The Korean government mapped out a plan to provide a cloud and mobile based environment. National Computing & Information Agency (NCIA) set up three goals – transferring 50% of businesses of central government agencies from current systems to a cloud based one, raising open source software adaption rate up to 40% and cutting down operational costs by more than 30%  – to offer the world’s best G Cloud Computing Service.  “To this end, the government is in the process of building a G Cloud platform focusing on putting forth credible services, operational efficiency, introducing more of open source-based standards, to successfully migrate the businesses into new environment.

Over the past six years since its establishment, NCIA has made the e-Government more stable, secure and efficient.  It has also propelled the growth of small and medium-sized IT companies and supports the export activities of the GIDC model.  The Korean G Cloud will be remembered as one of the most successful endeavors of e-government challenges once it is completed.

For full article see Korea IT Times.