North Korean precision manufacturing develops Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

North Korea's open-type CNC, manufactured by Ryonha Machinery. Source Korea IT Times.

In its 2011 New Year editorial, North Korea emphasizes the need to become a powerhouse of science, technology, knowledge, and economy.  Kim Jong-eun, the designated successor to Kim Jong-il, is reputed to be a computer expert.  It is said that based on CNC (Computer Numerical Control), presented as a great achievement of Kim Jong-eun, North Korea expects great progress in science and globalization.

In general, CNC is one of the most advanced disciplines in contemporary science and technology.  CNC in machine tools is often referred to as “the mother of machinery”.  It is a highly advanced, proprietary technology that only a few countries in the world such as Germany (Siemens) and Japan (Mazak, Fanuc) master. Despite this, the North Korean government openly maintains that “our CNC technology has solidly reached the world’s highest level”.  Although North Korea tends to hyperbole, it is not an exaggeration given North Korea has launched satellites, indicating North Korean CNC technology is already highly advanced.

For full article see Korea IT Times.