LG aims to overtake Samsung in 3D TV

LG Electronics has fired its latest salvo at Samsung Electronics in the ongoing battle for supremacy in 3D TV, saying its rival’s in-house technology is being phased out.

Samsung opened an era of 3D TV by aggressively promoting its battery-powered technology. LG was late in the emerging market, but its film-based system has seen a meteoric rise in market share because it is cheaper. Samsung is promoting its Web-connected “smart TVs”, while LG is aiming to further push 3D TV this year, although a lack of content remains the biggest issue.

“LG is in a fight with Samsung over the standardization of global 3D technology. But we are quite confident as more television majors have joined the film-based camp,” LG’s TV chief Kwon Hee-won said Thursday. “Leading Chinese and Taiwanese TV producers are already on our side. Japan’s Panasonic and Toshiba are newcomers for the LG-led 3D technology, which is very impressive,” he said while adding that Sony is also considering using it for the top-tier TV maker’s upcoming lineup.

For full article see Korea Times.