Another TV battle looming: Smart TV vs. 3D

LG Electronics’ latest 3D Cinema Smart TV. Source Korea Times.

The war in the TV market between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is expected to be fiercer than ever this year.

LG Electronics released a new model this month, around a month earlier than usual. It used to sell the previous year’s models at the beginning of the year, but this time seems to be an exception. As Samsung Electronics is also releasing new smart TVs from February, the all-out war over the latest products is soon to intensify.

The TV market has some events that the companies shouldn’t miss out on. The London Olympics this summer, often a motivation for households to buy new sets, and the halt of analogue broadcasting, which means people will need digital TVs, are expected to boost the local TV market to around 2.8 million sets this year from 2.3 million last year.

For full article see Korea Times.