Smartphone film fest gears up for another year of breaking barriers

A still from the U.S. smartphone film “Sharkoon”

When the first smartphone film festival was organized in Seoul two years ago, making a short film with the gadget was considered a fun gig for most filmmakers. Director Lee Joon-ik even jokingly said that he had signed up for the festival just to get the latest iPhone from KT, the festival organizer and the first company to bring the device to the local market in 2009.

“I appeared in a smartphone film because I thought I’d win an iPhone,” director Lee Joon-ik told reporters during the first iPhone film festival in 2010. The festival challenged 12 renowned Korean filmmakers and cameramen to make short films with the gadget. The film about Lee was made by cameraman Jeong Jeong-hun, who bet the restless director that he couldn’t sit in a room and do nothing all day. The prize was one of the phones.

Since then, the festival, re-branded last February as the Olleh Lotte Smartphone International Film Festival, has blurred the lines between professional filmmakers, rising amateurs and home movie hobbyists.

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