MEST pushes for “Brain Return 500 Project” to attract young talents from abroad

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) is actively pushing for the “Brain Return 500 Project” to attract young talents from abroad to the domestic science belt, a top official of the ministry said.

Noting that the ministry plans to actively foster science belt as the nation’s basic study stronghold this year, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Lee Ju-ho said, “The ministry projects to attract some 500 talents from abroad, including globally distinguished scientists and scholars, to Korea Basic Science Institute by 2017.”

Minister Lee said that the government will fully support research centers and universities to help them achieve an advanced study system by guaranteeing autonomy of study teams, introduction of open-type manpower system and encouraging innovative operation of basic science.

Commenting that the ministry has set the “realization of advanced top-tier country through fostering of talents” as the 2012 policy goal, Lee said, “The ministry will place focus on building an advanced study development system based on harmony and creation, while establishing a firm foothold of major education reform policies it has so far propelled.

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