Smart grid: new energy solutions in Korea

An artist’s conception of a green city based on a smart grid power network shows clean, efficient energy use is possible. / Courtesy of LSIS

Washing machines and refrigerators have joined the ranks of smart devices. This means computerization, improving efficiency and protecting the environment. This focus is shifting to electricity, as experts tackle effective distribution from power plants to consumers.

The grid needs to incorporate renewable electricity production from a multitude of distributed sources and be capable of matching electricity supply with demand at the point of real-time usage.

“Smart grids are being found everywhere. Governments and firms are busy investing more on them. The key point is that the market is growing and Korea is taking on a bigger role,’’ said an expert on the area, Park Geun-min. Park said smart grids are a means to modernize existing power networks, an alternative pursued by governments to address energy independence and global warming issues.

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