Hyundai Heavy Industries to build surgery robots

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. on Friday opened a laboratory dedicated to building surgery robots within the Asan Institute for Life Sciences, the company said.  The center, run by medical professors at the Asan Medical Center, will focus on localizing high-tech robotic equipments used for surgeries on joints and ligaments.

“We’re working to build an upgrade of a robotic surgical system for artificial joint operations that allows a more elaborate procedure in a shorter period of time,” an official at Hyundai Heavy said. “Some of hand-operated parts will come automated in the new version.”

In the opening ceremony of the laboratory Friday, the company announced plans to develop high value-added medical robots especially for brain and spine surgeries in collaboration with Asan Medical Center. The two in October signed an agreement to work in partnerships to lead the market for medical robotics in which 30 medical professors, including chief of Asan Institute for Life Sciences Kim Choung-soo, will participate.

For full article see  Korea Herald.