Mobile ads gaining popularity

Advertisers are increasingly turning to mobile devices as new platforms. Due to the penetration of smart devices and ultra-fast mobile networks, data shows that it has become more influential than television.

According to a survey by Inmobi, a mobile advertisement network, Koreans spend on average 79 minutes per day using mobile devices, excluding voice calls and text messages. Meanwhile, they spend 75 minutes daily watching television.

These devices are also affecting shopping habits. When asked which media influenced their decision on purchases 52 percent picked mobile devices, while 38 percent cited TV. They also had a positive response toward mobile advertisements. One out of five said they are more convenient and offer more useful information than conventional commercials on TV or others seen online. “Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives. The survey shows that they have a diverse effect on purchasing or decision making,” said Inmobi Korea CEO Kim Seung-yeon.

For full article see Korea Times.