Smartphones changing how we take our drugs

The Ministry of Health and Welfare, together with the National Health Insurance Corporation, the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, the Korea National Council of Consumer Organization and the Korea Organization for Patient Group announced that there’s a “smarter way to take drugs.”  By using a smartphone application, consumers will be able to know everything about the medicine they are taking, including prices, upon typing in the name of the drug.

The app, titled “Health Information” in Korean, even suggests a list of alternative medicines with the same makeup but at cheaper prices to allow consumers to “smartly select and purchase drugs of their choice.” According to the Health Ministry, the consumption of pharmaceutical drugs has increased every year, which in turn, has increased the financial burden on the country’s health insurance as the cost of drugs has increased by 13.2 percent from 2001 to 2010.

For full article see Joongang Daily.