High-speed growth of Korea

The Korean ICT industry developed into a global industry from scratch in just two decades. Korea now has world-class ICT infrastructure such as broadband Internet and mobile communications.

It came as no surprise that Korea was ranked No. 1 among 152 countries surveyed in the ICT Development Index announced by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), announced in end of 2011. The index compares and analyzes the level of ICT development of ITU member countries. It is aimed at assessing ICT development routes, digital gaps and growth potentials of each country.
In the latest index, Korea and Sweden were ranked the first and second respectively followed by Iceland, Denmark and Finland. The U.K. and U.S. were ranked at the 10th and 17th positions respectively, while Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore were ranked 6th, 13th and 19th respectively. As such, only four Asian countries including Korea were ranked among the top 20.

The ICT Development Index assesses ICT development in three categories: accessibility, use and competency. Korea was ranked the world’s No. 1 in the ICT use category and also produced outstanding results in the competency (2nd) and accessibility (10th) categories. By sub-index, Korea is ranked high in terms of percentage of households with Internet access (1st), count of wireless broadband service subscribers (1st) and count of wired broadband service subscribers (4th).

With the objective results announced, the Korean government’s efforts over the years to improve its broadcasting and communications regulatory environment and to promote policies to advance IT infrastructure appear to have been substantiated.

In what follows we take a brief look at the telecom and broadband policies that have enabled Korea this level of competence.

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