KCC plans to boost WiBro sector without 4th mobile operator

South Korea’s telecom regulator KCC (Korea Communications Commission) will be moving ahead with its plan to stimulate the WiBro sector based primarily on existing mobile carriers SK Telecom (SKT) and KT.

This is a radical shift, as the KCC had been eager to establish a fourth mobile operator to offer WiBro-based mobile communications services – which it believed would introduce greater competition and stimulate the market. This news is particularly devastating to the KMI (Korea Mobile Internet) consortium, which had failed to secure the operator position after a series of bids.

The KCC will be announcing a new direction in its WiBro revitalization policy this Friday which will map out how to expand WiBro coverage based on existing operators SKT and KT, confirmed industry sources and government officials Monday. The new strategy will center on using WiBro technology as a supplementary network for the rapidly-growing data traffic, rather than using it for a new mobile carrier service.

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