LG Display mass production of e-paper displays could boost e-books

An LG Display official compares the new flexible plastic electronic paper display (right) with the existing glass electronic paper display in Seoul on Thursday. (LG Display)

 LG Display’s mass produced plastic e-paper could boost the global e-book market. On Thursday, LG Display said it began mass production of a plastic e-paper that is half the weight and one-third the thickness of existing glass-based displays.

This makes it possible for more portable e-books, as it can be bent up to 40 degrees. The displays also do not break easily, and can be safely dropped from 1.5 meters, according to LG Display officials. Maintaining a thickness of 0.7 millimeters and a weight of 14 grams, the company was the first in the world to commercially produce 6-inch plastic e-paper.

With plans to launch it in the European market by early next month, the plastic displays are energy-efficient and can withstand high temperatures.

For full article see Korea Herald.