Hyundai to create ‘talking’ vehicles

The Korean government has plans to support the country’s automobile industry with the aim of developing vehicles that can communicate with drivers in the next decade.

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) said Wednesday that it will financially support the high-tech research center of Hyundai Motor Group located in Uiwang, about 25 kilometers south of Seoul.

“The line between the automotive and IT businesses continues to blur as seen in telematics. In line with the fast convergence of the two, we expect that the future of the automotive industry will lie in IT,” MKE official Kim Dong-hwan said. “Through research at the Hyundai high-tech center, futuristic cars will be developed. We will strive to create vehicles that can communicate verbally with motorists by 2020.”

The MKE plans to provide 75 percent of the cost of the center’s software tests carried out in an alliance with state-backed agencies and other private firms.

For full article see Korea Times.