LG CNS CEO calls for data revolution

The lack of sophistication in data management capabilities is preventing Korean companies from taking the next big step in growth, according to the chief executive of LG CNS, a leading provider of information technology and systems.

At the “Entrue World 2012” forum in Seoul Thursday, LG CNS CEO Kim Dae-hoon called for firms to embrace the concept of “big data analytics,” which focuses on analyzing and utilizing the massive amount of data on company servers and the Internet.

“This concept could no longer be considered a specialized solution for technology companies. In all industries, companies are required to find quicker and effective ways to handle the larger amount of data and use it to improve their business,” he said at the seminar, which was joined by around 1,500 industry people. “It’s crucial that Korean companies embrace big data analytics as these systems are built to store, analyze and utilize large volumes of data beyond just e-mails, texts and images.”

Big data analytics has become a technology buzzword and is gaining increasing acceptance as the Internet moves toward mobile devices like smartphones and touch-screen tablets.

For full article see Korea Times.