Hospitals and telecom firms develop ‘smart’ services

Smartphones and tablet computers have changed the way we live our daily lives, from how we access the news to how we purchase music. Telecommunication conglomerates in Korea are jumping on the latest smart- device gold mine: the medical market.

Leading companies including SK Telecom and KT are joining hands with major hospitals to develop new medical services based on information communication technology (ICT) and network operational know-how.

In January, Seoul National University Hospital established a joint health care company with SK Telecom called Health Connect, which emphasizes “smart mobile health,” connecting all stakeholders of medical services. The joint venture was established with 20 billion won ($17.64 million) in capital.

KT is preparing to launch a health care company next month specializing in the convergence of medical services and ICT with the Yonsei University health system, which runs Severance Hospital.

For full article see Joongang Daily.