POSTECH researchers develop water-repellent memory chip

A research team at Pohang University of Science and Technology, or POSTECH, on Sunday said it created a water-repellent memory chip. “Borrowing from one of nature`s most water-repellent surfaces, the leaf of the lotus plant, we succeeded in developing a waterproof memory chip,” said the research team led by professor Yong Ki-joong. A lotus leaf is covered with tiny microscopic bumps that act as a water-repellent coating material, so water rolls off.

The research team set up a board, grew a nano line with tungsten oxide, and then coated it with a monofilm to create a memory chip. It created the same bumps and coating materials as in a lotus leaf to make the water-repellent memory chip. Nano line is one-billionth of a meter and is thin as a hair.

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