Korean chemical companies penetrate into biopolymer market

South Korea’s petrochemical companies are rushing to enter into the biopolymer market as an effort to pioneer the new business sector and better prepare for depletion of petroleum.

SK Chemicals has been taking the lead in developing and commercializing eco-friendly and high-quality plastic materials. SK Chemicals launched diverse biopolymer products such as ECOTRAN, PURATAN, ECOPLAN, and ECOZEN. SK Chemicals has been reaping visible outcomes since it started operation of processing raw materials and manufacturing in February this year.

Lotte Group’s affiliates Honam Petrochemical Corporation and KP Chemical have decided to cooperate with Japan-based Toyota Tsusho Corporation and produce PET (polyethylene terephthalate) using bio-materials, starting June. Toyota Tsusho Corporation will purchase and process bioethanol which is refined from sugar canes and supply bioethanol to Honam Petrochemical for three years.

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