Future roadmap for the Korean IT industry

The Korean government recently announced an IT roadmap dubbed the “Giga Korea Strategy.” The plan details a future eight years from now in which Koreans will be able to enjoy holographic videos generated by smart phones and a mobile communications network forty times faster than the current one.

IT experts envision a future of the hyper connectivity revolution in which various devices connected to the network create new values. Looking back to 2010, there were reportedly 10 billion IT devices and cell phones being used in the world, and these technological innovations connected people all over the globe. More devices are bound to link people with other people, people with things, and devices with other devices. The amount of information or data traffic will skyrocket off the charts.

Last year, Korea’s IT export was remarkable and Korean IT products were known for high quality, but in 2020, Korea wishes to become the world’s third largest IT exporting nation, following the United States and China. In terms of contents, Korea plans to ride the momentum of the wave of Korean culture sweeping the world and become the fifth largest contents exporter in the world. Software businesses will have to play an important part in this plan. There are about 13 solid software companies in Korea. The government plans to more than triple that number by 2020 to have 50 such businesses.

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