Samsung develops graphene device for transistor use

Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest computer memory-chip maker, said Friday it has developed a graphene device that could help revolutionize the capabilities of transistors.

Samsung’s advanced institute of technology said it has successfully created a three-terminal active device with a graphene variable barrier, which can effectively cut off electric currents in transistors.

Graphene is a super-strong and flexible material with the potential to be used in next-generation semiconductors and displays. Until now, its inability to cut off electric currents has made its use in transistors impossible.

“If the experimental graphene device is fully developed, it could be used to make transistors with 100 times the computing power of conventional silicon units,” the institute said. “It could thus help make better semiconductors and other electronic devices.”
The latest breakthrough has been published in the online edition of Science Magazine and nine patents have been secured.

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