Korea to build world’s largest hydrogen-powered town

The Ministry of Knowledge Economy said Monday that it will launch the “Hydrogen Town Pilot Project” to establish futuristic energy infrastructure that uses waste hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell technologies to meet the nation’s energy consumption needs.

With a budget of 9 billion won ($7.6 million) coming from the government and industries, the project will create the world’s largest hydrogen-powered town in Korea, potentially by late this year when related facilities are completed as scheduled, the ministry said.

More detailed plans, including the location and date of completion, will be finalized after a consortium is formed consisting of selected local government offices and private companies.

According to the ministry, the new hydrogen town will use hydrogen emitted as exhaust during the manufacture of petrochemical products and power plant operations. Such a feature distinguishes itself from hydrogen town projects of other countries that use hydrogen obtained from modified liquefied natural gas.

The recommended price for this hydrogen energy is as low as 100 won per cubic meters, which is only 12 percent of LNG prices, the ministry said.

The total capacity of the new hydrogen town facilities is about 200 kilowatts, generating 1,664 megawatts per hour, equivalent to the amount of energy used by 400 four-member families every year.

The heat energy produced in the hydrogen town is 2,026 gigacalories, an amount that can provide 127,000 four-member families with hot water of 140 degrees Fahrenheit every day.

Full article see: Korea Herald