Korea as a global U-city standard setter

Korea has taken a step closer to the building of easy-to-implement, economical u-cities (Ubiquitous City or Smart City).

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of Korea (MLTM) successfully finished developing “u-Eco ISMP (integrated service management platform)”, a key component for running “u-city total management centers,” and is working hard to promote it. Last month, the Ministry held a public hearing where it introduced and demonstrated its “u-Eco ISMP” to representatives from 230 institutions including municipalities and to nearly 200 experts in relevant fields and u-cities. The development of u-Eco ISMP was an epoch-making event in the history of u-city construction because no nation has thus far attempted to consolidate u-city platforms in the world.

Design of U-city ISMP


At the public hearing, presentations on the function modules of u-Eco ISMP, event-specific services of u-Eco ISMP, processing services and a demonstration scenario were made. Simulation of U-Eco ISMP was conducted to show its speedy responses under the scenario of the simultaneous occurrence of sudden events: torrential rains and discharges of pollutants. First, u-Eco ISMP triggered flood alerts and informed relevant institutions and u-services of flash flooding and discharges of pollutants at the same time. Then, the informed total control system sent out orders to people in charge. And responses to the discharges of pollutants were made and the developments of the two events were recorded in the media board, thereby putting an end to the situation.

For full article see Korea IT Times.