Kakao Story tops Facebook

Kakao Story has topped Facebook to dominate the mobile social network service (SNS) market in Korea only three months after its launch.

According to a survey of 13.95 million smartphone users using Google’s Android Operating System (OS) released Thursday by market research agency Nielsen KoreanClick, Kakao Talks’ SNS held 49.1 percent of user time over Facebooks’ 34.5 percent in May.

The survey showed that Kakao Story held a meager 18 percent compared to its American counterpart’s 53.2 percent in March.

Besides user time, the Korean mobile social network also had better numbers. A total of 9.44 million subscribers logged into Kakao Story at least once in May compared to 4.97 million for Facebook on their respective mobile applications, according to a KoreanClick official.

For full article see Korea Times.