Smartphones evolve into niche industries

Since smartphones first touched down in Korea with the arrival of the iPhone 3GS in late 2009, the market has seen exceptional growth. By the end of this year, the industry estimates 34.8 million people in the country will own a smartphone given the recent release of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S3 and the upcoming launch of Apple’s iPhone5. The wide use of mobile gadgets has not only inspired the related advertising market to expand, but is also changing the way consumers here make purchases. The Korea JoongAng Daily puts the domestic mobile ad and shopping market under the microscope. 

NHN Corp. is restructuring its business to focus on the mobile market as more Koreans give their PCs the cold shoulder in favor of Tweeting, KakaoTalk-ing, Facebook-ing and generally surfing the Web on their mobile devices and smartphones.

To profit from this shifting trend, the nation’s leading Internet content operator launched its mobile ad platform late last month to lure advertisers following a successful trial run.

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