Will rivals wilt in Samsung’s long shadow?


Samsung Electronics controls 60 percent of the domestic mobile phone market, a record-high share that may keep growing given the success of its recently released Galaxy S3.

This has stoked concern that the company’s quasi-monopoly could squeeze smaller domestic players, causing them to discard unpopular models and shy away from gambling on innovative new releases in a trend that threatens to kill market diversity.

“Consumers tend to get used to a company’s mobile user interface, which naturally leads them to keep buying the same company’s products,” said Park Kyung-hoon, a programmer who creates mobile apps.

Samsung’s dominance was helped by the fact that LG Electronics was a late entrant into the smartphone industry. It has been striving to redress this by forging ahead with its next-generation long-term evolution (LTE) service, but it is still playing catch-up.

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