Dream into reality: sizable yet transparent and flexible display

Anyone who saw Tom Cruise’s “Minority Report” would remember that incredible clear-as-glass screen he used to manipulate images and data. This futuristic display seemed like a distant dream 10 years ago when the movie was released, but in the near future, this dream is about to come true. The development of transparent and flexible displays was selected as one of the Future Industrial Technology Development Projects led by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE)’s Office of Strategic R&D Planning(OSP).

The main role of OSP is to develop strategies and guidelines of next year’s budget for the around USD 4.2 billion of MKE’s R&D budget, having a consultation with each department. This time, the Office initiated the Future Industrial Technology Development Projects, selecting and supervising projects which will create future growth engines of Korea. Being comprised of former CEOs or CTOs well-versed in market trends, they are expected to have more sense of responsibility in investing in business. 

The projects are categorized as fast track or slow track where fast track, referred to as “Creation of Early Outcome” is a short-term project lasting for three years involving conception new of botanical drugs and key system semiconductors for IT convergence. On the other hand, slow track called “Creation of New Market” lasts for five to seven years concentrating on long-term projects such as transparent and flexible display creation, one of the three projects initiated this year, six in total.

For full article see Korea IT Times.