Concern raised over kids’ use of smartphones

As smartphones and tablet computers become more popular, more parents are using them to babysit their children, with plenty of apps available to entertain infants, toddlers and pre-school kids.  “A smartphone and for-kids apps are a must for our family at restaurants, in the car or often at home,” said Kim Sun-min. Her 28-month-old daughter is a frantic fan of Pororo, the main character of TV animation series “Pororo the Little Penguin.” Whenever she gets bored and starts being difficult, Kim runs an app on her smartphone that streams episodes of the cartoon series and hands it over to her. It keeps her engaged for at least an hour, she said.

Many parents have relied on TVs and computers to entertain their bored children. Now, in the era of mobile digital devices, they are discovering smartphones’ similar ability as a babysitter.

There is no study yet in Korea about smartphone watching by children under the age of 3. But a survey came out last week revealing the trend in the 3-5 year age group. The Korea Institute of Child Care and Education surveyed 252 parents with children aged 3-5 in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province and found that 15.1 percent let their children play with smartphones every day.

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