Samsung SDI solidifies its top rank in rechargeable battery sales

South Korean rechargeable battery maker Samsung SDI further solidified its top rank by widening its market share lead over the second largest producer Panasonic in the first half (H1) of this year.

Rechargeable batteries, whose primary type is lithium ion (Li-ion), are a key component in mobile devices including smartphones and tablet PCs and other electronic products such as laptops. The Li-ion battery plays a central function in electric cars, hybrid cars and an energy storage system (ESS), a device that stores electricity when the demand is low and provides stored electricity when the demand is high.

The market share of Samsung SDI jumped from 27.3 percent in the first quarter (Q1) this year to 28 percent in Q2, while that of Panasonic fell from 19.9 percent in Q1 to 19.6 percent in Q2 this year, said data released by Japanese market research firm IIT. The data illustrates that Samsung SDI is farther ahead of the Japanese company.

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