Stereoscopic TV battle brewing: ASG vs. FPR

Amid sharpening technology, there is no doubt that 3D TV is here to stay with the whole industry currently at the same stage as when high-definition (HD) was introduced. 3D was a key issue at the recently finished IFA electronics fair in Berlin where most TV majors displayed their latest 3D solutions with hopes to take the lead in the booming market. “3D will be everywhere next year,’’ said Jim Chabin, president of the International 3D Society.

Now, attention is being shifted as to whether latecomer LG will break down the current domestic lead of Samsung.

Price matters for 3D hopefuls because there is little 3D-only content on the market and consumers don’t have much knowledge, in general, of viewing differences offered by the different technologies used by Samsung and LG. “That’s why we are confident to completely beat Samsung’s technology in China by the end of this year and our next targets are the United States, Europe and Japan,” said Kwon Young-soo, the chief executive of LG Display, in a meeting with reporters, Thursday.

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