Samsung Electronics Spends US$ 1 billion per Month on R&D

R&D spending by Samsung Electronics is likely to reach 12 trillion won this year. Despite the global economic slowdown, Samsung Electronics is injecting a huge amount of money into R&D, aimed at fostering its future growth engines.  According to the third-quarter report released on November 14 by Samsung Electronics, its R&D spending for the January-September period of this year totaled 8.87 trillion won, which accounts for 6.1 percent of its nine-month sales that is estimated at 145 trillion won.

The January-September figure represents a more than 18-percent or 1.3-trillion-won growth compared to the same period of the previous year’s R&D spending of 7.5 trillion won. In other words, Samsung Electronics has spent an average of 3 trillion won on R&D in a single quarter or 1 trillion won per month. If this trend continues toward the end of this year, Samsung Electronics’ 2012 R&D spending may reach 12 trillion won.

Source Korea Economic Daily.