Agriculture is the Science

 “IT powerhouse Korea has been developing new technology to produce safe food products by grafting its cutting-edge agricultural technology with state-of-the-art IT,” a top official of National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS) of Rural Development Administration said. Noting that Korea’s agricultural technology ranks fifth in the world, following the U.S., EU, Japan and Canada, Seung-yong Ra, president of NAAS, said, “In particular, Korea’s technology to produce rice, cabbage, red pepper, and garlic is the best in the world. For instance, the Japanese regard Korean-produced rice as the best in the world.”

In an interview with Korea IT Times, President Ra said, “NAAS established its 15th overseas agricultural technology development center, called Korean Project of International Agriculture (KOPIA), in Thailand early this year to spread Korea’s advanced agricultural technology to developing countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.” “For instance, Korean scientists in the King Sejong Station in Antarctic are eating fresh vegetables that they grew in a container-type plant factory, which we call Vertical fame, sent by RDA. Korea boasts of its top-class agricultural technology to grow plants in Antarctic, where the average temperature is minus 55 degrees Celsius,” he explained.

Commenting that Korea’s top-notch agricultural technology is generated from IT, he said, “NAAS is seeking a project combining Korea’s advanced agricultural technology and its top-level IT technology to guarantee the safe supply of foods in a rapidly changing climate environment.”

For full article, see Korea IT Times.