Korean publication grows their wings

With ever changing information and technology today’s world, the publication industry is also evolving into electronically based industry, but some of the criticism remain for the fact that Korean publication industry has not been up to date with current global trend. Young-goog Park, Director General of Media Policy Bureau of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism talked about the five year plan of promotion of publication industry in an interview with Korea IT Times.

Q. To start off, can you please explain the future plan for the next five years of publication industry promotion Agency of Korea.

A. As you know, the society has become more of the knowledge based and with the all the resources we have to gather, promotion of publication industry appears to come to an important position in Korea. However, the information people are gathering is not necessarily from the paper-print based publication, but rather from the digital-content based, and we can see that from reduction of paper-print publication from 102 million print-based publications in 2010 to about 100 million publications printed in 2011. 

But there are also positive aspects of it as well. Although the paper-based publication has been reduced over the course of last couple of years, the electronic publication is growing very fast and we expect for the Korean electronic publication to expand from the revenue of USD208 million in 2011 to almost USD400 million industry in 2015. This is positively affected by the growth and popularity K-Pop in the world. 

With that in mind, our future plan for the 5 years is certainly focusing on the vision of becoming more globalized publishing powerhouse in the world, strengthening the competitiveness of publication contents, establishing advanced distribution environment, revitalizing the overseas expansion, and discovering new growth industry. We also have 23 subsidiary performance tasks that have been already set up in order to accomplish the mentioned 5 main focus.

For full interview, see Korea IT Times.