Number of Korean science students abroad growing

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said Thursday that the number of Korean students studying science and engineering abroad continues to increase, but has been offset by a high inflow of foreign students. Citing data by Korea’s Science and Technology Policy Institute, the ministry said that the number of undergraduate Korean students who went overseas to study science and engineering doubled to 24,674 in 2011 from 2003.

However, the inflow of foreign undergraduates into Korean universities grew eight-fold to 8,696 in the same period. Also, the number of Koreans going abroad for master’s and Ph.D.s reached 12,240 in 2011, up 2.4 percent from 10,866 in 2006. Meanwhile, some 6,000 foreigners entered Korea for higher degrees in science and engineering in 2011, up about 15 percent from about 3,000 in 2006.

The institute began gathering data on Korean students overseas for their master’s degrees and Ph.D.s in 2006, it noted.

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