Science ministry to take on larger role

A new super-ministry on science and information technology is expected to grow larger with two vice ministers and by taking over almost all functions related to research, policy, industry and high education in the fields scattered among various government organizations.

The Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry will hand over all of its trade negotiation roles to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, to be renamed Industry, Trade and Resources Ministry, despite its protest. These and other follow-up measures to President-elect Park Geun-hye’s government reorganization plans were announced Tuesday.

“The plans reflect the governing philosophy and existing problems felt by President-elect Park Geun-hye through her long years of state affairs experience and National Assembly activities. We believe this government reorganization will create an effectively working government through well-distributed functions,” said Chin Young, vice chairman of the transition committee.

Park had unveiled last week the revamp plans which aim for a bigger government with 17 ministries, three lower-level ministries and 17 agencies under the banner of an efficient Cabinet to promote innovation-based growth.

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