South Korea to build world’s largest hydrogen town

World’s largest residential Hydrogen town will be built in Ulsan, Korea by April 2013.

Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) selected the city of Ulsan as a pilot Hydrogen town and aims to complete it by April 2013. A Hydrogen town is a place where hydrogen, which is produced as a byproduct in industrial activities, is supplied to houses, public buildings and commercial buildings as a fuel for fuel cells. Hourly 1.8 million m3 of hydrogen is generated from industrial activities in Korea and 67% of them come from Ulsan. Ulsan has Onsan National Industrial Complex which produces hydrogen as a byproduct in the process of manufacturing petrochemical products or during the operation of a power plant.

In the Hydrogen town, one kW fuel cells in 140 households, 5 kW and 10 kW fuel cells in two commercial buildings and one government building will be built. Total 195 kW fuel cells will produce 1664 MWh of electricity and 2026 Gcal of heat annually. It is expected to replace 358 TOE of fossil fuel and reduce 1,088 ton of CO2 annually.

For full article, see AgentschapNL.


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