IT-auto convergence unhinged

Mobile operators are frustrated with automobile firms for being slow in adopting converged services in cars. SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus have vowed since early 2008 to make what they call smart cars that use information technology for both public and private vehicles.

The three carriers have already signed agreements with car makers for mutual cooperation. But a truly dynamic service that combines their capabilities is yet to surface due to automobile companies’ sluggishness and domineering attitude, said officials from the carriers. SK Telecom and KT are partnered up with Kia Motor and Hyundai Motors respectively, while LG Uplus has signed pacts with multiple small- and medium-sized firms.

So far, KT, Korea’s No. 1 fixed-line and runner-up mobile operator, has been most active in marrying information technology and vehicles. It recently agreed to implement some of its service on Hyundai’s buses and trucks that help clients locate their cars and archive driving history.

For full article see Korea Times.


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