Hyundai’s fuel cell car drives more smoothly than popular hybrids

2013_02_Hyundai FCEVLike a regular SUV, Hyundai’s fuel-cell-powered Tucson lets you cover about 370 miles on a single tank. Its silent power system and familiar six-speed automatic transmission make highways and city streets quieter than ever. In fact, there’s not much you can’t do with the hydrogen-cell Tucson that you can’t do with a regular Tucson ― except fill’er up. And, for the moment, afford’er.

This isn’t the model found at dealerships. Not yet. But Hyundai is already leasing hydrogen-powered vehicles to city fleets, Copenhagen for one, and it plans to begin marketing to consumers by 2015.

Punch the ignition button, tap the pedal and you’re off. A comforting, jet-like whirring steps up with the acceleration. The motor is responsive. The Tucson chassis and suspension handle well. And the interior creature comforts ― love the heated seats ― make it competitive with any conventional gasoline-burning vehicle in its class.

For full article, see Korea Herald.


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