Ministry of Future Creative Science

In February 2008, Kim Woo-sik’s self-esteem as a scientist crumbled with the disbandment of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Likewise, the event instructed by then-incoming President Lee Myung-bak as part of his campaign pledge of creating a “small government” enervated scores of scientists and engineers in the country.

Five years on, they are now rebuilding the damaged identity with the revival of the ministry that is bigger and even stronger than five years ago.  The newly-created ministry, tentatively named the Ministry of Future Creative Science, is already nicknamed “super” ministry because of extensive roles and responsibilities it will take.

But it has triggered concerns about its ability to deal with them without flaws.  ‘Super’ ministry  Under President Park Geun-hye’s government restructuring plan that is awaiting congressional approval to take effect, the ministry is set to handle almost everything in the fields of natural and applied science, research and information technology that include the nation’s ambitious space program.

For full article, see Korea Times.


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