New government to drive exports of nuclear plants

The coming Park Geun-hye government is expected to take a two-track policy of promoting exports of nuclear power plants while curbing expansion of the industry at home.

The outline of 140 major projects that the presidential transition committee unveiled on Thursday said the new government will support exports of nuclear plants in an attempt to boost the economy. But it didn’t present a clear direction on the increase of nuclear reactors at home. The president-elect has continued to stress the safety of nuclear plants rather than capacity expansion.

The renewed nuclear power policy direction was confirmed in the final version of the 6th Basic Plan for Long-Term Electricity Supply and Demand for 2013 to 2027, which the Ministry of Knowledge Economy released on Friday. According to the plan, demand for electricity is expected to increase 3.4 percent on average per year between 2013 and 2027. Based on the prospects of rising demand, the ministry also unveiled plans on increases of electricity generation facilities by energy sources except nuclear power.

For full article, see Korea Herald.


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