Park underlines convergence of industries with ICT and science

The key economic driving force behind Park’s administration is based around the convergence of Korean industries with science and ICT. Since her time on the campaign trail, Park Geun-hye has underlined the potential integration of ICT with diverse industries such as service, culture, and electronics to generate a new growth engine for Korea’s economy.

Park said in an inauguration speech that, “The government will proceed forward with building a creative economy in an attempt to achieve Korea’s economic prosperity. This creative economy is based upon integrating science technologies and industries, as well as culture and industries. The hope is that this collaboration will bear the flowers of creation on the boundary where the walls of industries have been torn down. I believe at the core of this creative economy lies science technology and IT industry. The government will accelerate its efforts to take Korea’s science technologies to the global stage, and apply the technologies to all sectors with the goal of realizing the creative economy.”

For full article see Korea IT Times.


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