Digital yet to turn page on paper books

Thirty-four-year-old office worker Chung Hye-sun has started reading e-books, readable on computers and other electronic devices.  She enjoys reading business management books on her iPad while commuting and whenever possible. “E-books are convenient. Instead of having to carry books in a large bag, all you need is a light and thin tablet PC or other gadgets in my purse,” she said. “You can underline important passages, press the ‘search’ tab to find the exact sentences or parts you need. Bookmark, dictionary and other functions are also available by pressing the screen. I just love it,” she said.

Many Koreans like Chung have started replacing paper books with digital publications.

According to a Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism survey of 2,000 people aged 10-69, 14.6 percent are already reading e-books, which translates to the average Korean reading 1.6 digital books a year. Younger and more educated people are more likely to be an e-book user, the report showed. About 38.3 percent enjoyed literature, followed by sports and leisure, biography, self-help, cooking and religious content. About 25.3 percent said they read for fun, while intellectual desire, self-development and practical aims followed.

For full article see Korea Herald.


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