New giant ministry mired in political wrangling

A new powerful ministry dealing with policies on science, information and IT is finding it difficult to set sail due to political wrangling, more than a week after the Park Geun-hye government was inaugurated on Feb. 25. President Park proposed the establishment of the so-called Ministry of Future Planning and Science to embody her vision of a “creative economy.” But the proposal for government reorganization has failed to win approval from the National Assembly in the face of objection by opposition parties to allow the ministry to control broadcasting-related policies.

The ruling Saenuri Party and the main opposition Democratic United Party have failed to narrow their differences on the government reorganization plan. The scheme gives more power to the Future Planning and Science Ministry, which takes over some functions from the state telecom and broadcast regulator Korea Communications Commission ― a move opposed by the DUP.

The new ministry, which focuses on building a “creative economy,” would be in charge of devising policies involving developing future growth engines in information communication technology as well as science.

For full article see Korea Herald.


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