Private companies benefiting from wind power generation

2013_03_jeju_windEfforts to privatize ‘wind’ in Jeju Island have become a topic of controversy. While large companies are jumping in to take control of Jeju Island’s wind power business, controversy is snowballing over the use of wind as a profit-making resource. On Feb. 26, Jeju council’s committee for wind power generation reviewed 6 wind power business zones and designated 5: Seogwipo City Pyoseon-myun Gasi, Jeju City Gujwa-eup Gimnyeong, Aewol-eup Uh-eum (conditional contract), Hallim-eub Wolryeong, Sangmyeong as these zones. The sixth zone, Seogwipo City Sumang zone is under additional deliberation.

The committee decided on the 6 zones last July and announced their capacity at 85MW. In October of that year, the committee announced a change of capacity to 146MW. Jeju government is planning to officially announce the wind power generation zones by March 21, and plan for follow-up procedures some time after that.

The problem is that large corporations are planning to control the wind power generation zones. SK D&D is in Gasi (30MW), GS E&C and Hyundai Securities Co. is in Gimnyeong (30MW), Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction is in Wolryeong (24MW), Korea Midland Power is in Sanmyeong (21MW), Hanhwa E&C is in Uh-eum (20MW). POSCO is currently participating in Sumang (21MW). Although in some zones local businesses, the village community and farming cooperatives are also participating in the wind power business, major companies with capital and technology are taking the lead. The reason for large corporations’ participation in the wind power business is government standards that require a certain portion of their more than 500MW production to come from renewable energy.

For full article, see Hankyoreh.


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