Daewoo Shipbuilding develops wearable robot

2013_04_robotKo Jae-ho, president of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the world’s second largest shipbuilder, showed up on April 1 with an Iron Man suit in a demonstration session for its wearable robot at the headquarters building in Seoul’s downtown. On the day, DSME’s central R&D center made a debut of two types of robots, one electrical and the other hydraulic. The robots can be worn like clothes and help with moves such as arm stretching and walking by detecting human intentions with the sensors.

A DSME official said, “Even when a worker wearing the robot lifts an object weighing 30 kilograms, he will feel only 5 kg of the weight. The robots will be deployed in building offshore plants to move heavy pipes or tightening bolts with a 12-kg wrench.”

The company expects that the use of the wearable robots could enhance labor productivity substantially as there are many tasks in shipbuilding that involve heavy lifting and repetitive muscle work. The robots were developed jointly by Hanyang University, the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

For full article, see Korea Economic Daily.


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