Award winning portable sound camera design of KAIST

2013_04_portable sound camera

KAIST’s Industrial Design Professor Suk Hyung Bae’s portable sound camera design, made by SM Instruments and Hyundai, has received a “Red Dot Design Award: Product Design,”  one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world.

If you are a driver, you must have experienced unexplained noises in your car. Most industrial products, including cars, may produce [abnormal] noises caused by an error in design or worn-out machinery. However, it is difficult to identify the exact location of the sound with ears alone.

This is where the sound camera comes in. Just as thermal detector cameras show the distribution of temperature, sound cameras use a microphone arrangement to express the distribution of sound and to find the location of the sound. However, existing sound cameras are not only too big and heavy, their assembly and installation are complex and must be fixed on a tripod. These limitations made it impossible to measure noises from small areas or the base of the car.

The newly developed product is an all-in-one system resolving the inconvenience of assembling the microphone before taking measurements. Moreover, the handle in the middle is ergonomically designed so users can balance its weight with one hand. The two handles on the sides work as a support and enables the user to hold the camera in various ways. Thus, users can easily measure small areas or the bases of xobjects.

For full article, see KAIST.


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