Busan facility can recycle just about anything

2013_04_busan_recyclingAt the Saenggok eco-recycling plant in Gangseo District, Busan, combustible waste is turning into another source of fuel energy.  When the JoongAng Ilbo visited Busan E&E April 9, trash was moving on a long conveyor belt to dry, which would then be used as fuel for a power plant located next to the plant. The eco-recycling plant burns 900 tons of trash for a period of 16 hours a day, generating 25 megawatts of electricity per hour.

The garbage that usually is buried in a landfill generates nearly 25 billion won ($22 million) worth of energy a year through the recycling process. Saenggok eco-recycling center is the largest in the country at 1.16 million square meters (287 acres).

The Busan Metropolitan Government invested 20.24 billion won to further upgrade the facility, which was built in 1994. At the complex are seven recycling facilities, some of which are in full operation while some are partly operational.  Each facility sorts out what could be recycled to be used as fuel with conveyor belts.

For full article, see Joongang Daily.


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