Korea builds world’s first sea algae bio-ethanol pilot plant

The Goheung-gun government held on June 24 the dedication ceremony of the ‘Sea Algae Bio-ethanol Pilot Plant’ at the Sea Algae Bio-ethanol Research Center that can produce 1.2 million liters a year. The sea algae bio-ethanol is the third generation bio-energy.

The dedication ceremony was attended by about 500 officials, industry executives and regional residents, including Governor Pak Byeong-jong of Goheung-gun, Speaker Pak Geum-rae of the Goheung-gun Council, Director General Im Yeong-muk of Green Growth Office at Jeollanam-do, and officials at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning. At the ceremony, Biol Systems (President: Kim In-sik), which has original technologies for producing bio-ethanol, conducted trial run of bio-ethanol processing facilities, and took a car for a test drive using produced bio-ethanol as fuel.

Since the Goheung-gun government and Biol Systems concluded an MOU in 2009 to produce sea algae bio-ethanol as part of the new growth engine fund program of the central government, the two organizations constructed the pilot plant in space of 3,362.7 square meters, investing a total of 15 billion won (9 billion won of government fund plus 6 billion won of private capital). Its facilities include those for preprocessing, saccharification, fermentation, distillation and anhydrization. After conducting test run, they elicited the underlying engineering solution for commercial plant.

For full article, see Energy Korea.


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